This online facility will help you to select appropriate antibiotic for a given organism and to determine breakpoint susceptibility by way of zone diameters or MIC values. It will display the susceptibility breakpoints of each antibiotic depending on the selected organism. Also included are tips on selection of antibiotics. The susceptibility breakpoints have been updated as per 2015 guidelines.

Antibiotic selection
Select the organism and view the various antibiotics that are recommended for testing.

Antibiotic breakpoints
Select the organism and view the various antibiotics their susceptibility breakpoints.

Antibiotic spectrum
Select an antibiotic and view their susceptibility breakpoints against various organisms.

Antibiotic info
Compilation of some tips while performing antibiotic susceptibility testing.

What's new?

  • New web design
  • New additions in PPT slides
  • SOP and techniques
  • HTML5 compatible slides
  • Compatible with many devices

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