Identification of Enterobacteriaceae members (Basic version)

Sixteen physiological tests and their possible results are displayed below. If the result of a particular test is unavailable, select the "unknown" button. A ✓ mark appears next to the selection. When the "Identify now" button is clicked, result would appear in the space below in percentage probabilities. You can "Reset" the buttons for a new identification. For accuate identification of Enterobacteriaceae members, you may use advanced identification from this page.

Indole test
Methyl Red test
Voges Proskauer test
Citrate utilization test
Hydrogen sulphide test
Urea hydrolysis test
Phenylalanine deaminase test
Lysine decarboxylase test
Ornithine decarboxylase test
Arginine dihydrolase test
Motility test
Gas from glucose
Lactose fermentation test
Sucrose fermentation test
Mannitol fermentation test
ONPG test
× Identification results will appear here.

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