MIC agar dilution

Estimation of MIC values is possible by a variety of ways such as E-strip or similar products, automated system or microbroth dilution. for laboratories with modest facilities, agar dilution is still very practical and convenient method. I have created an online system that will assist you in conducting your assay. All you need is to furnish basic infomation and the wizard will help you with preparing master dilutions as well as procedure of the test. Please note that this system may have few limitations:

  1. MIC range is fixed between 0.125 to 1024.
  2. There is no provision for preparing dilutions of antibiotics in combinations
  3. The procedure descried here requires each dilution to be prepared separately and then poured on to the plate


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  • New web design
  • New additions in PPT slides
  • SOP and techniques
  • HTML5 compatible slides
  • Compatible with many devices

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